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Update: Nov.12

The History page was put up with up to date info on Haiabusa's past.

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In the beginning, there was darkness. Darkness in the heart of Uriact, a seventh grade student who had begun writing his first novel. He was not sad because he had writer's block, or too much to write about. His dilemma was that he had written a good piece of literature and had no way to tell anybody about it. It was an attempt at a full length novel that had succeeded only as a short story, but a success nonetheless. How was the greatness of this story to be known if nobody had the opportunity to read it?

Upon the completion of "Avia: A Quest" in May of 1998, I began to look around for a way to share it with people. I sent a copy to a review club in St. Louis, Missouri who told me that it was an aspiring short story, and that I should get more people to review it so that I could get a feel for what people like in a story. This gave me the incentive to show my stories with substantial amounts of people.

Haiabusa's history extends to long before May 1998, however...



After I first got America Online and access to the internet in early 1997, I became aware that it was possible for the average joe schmoe to create a webpage. This highly enticing bit of information was provided to me by Acriact, who also enlightened me to the process by which one could generate such a webpage. It was AOL Personal Publisher v3.1, the program with which we created out first webpages.

The "KluB" had been months before I created the "Domain." These were two basic webpages that had been made with prefabricated images, boring backgrounds, scanty content, and about 10 minutes of our spare time. They had a few links, but other than that, they were not worth much.

After that little venture, the "KluB" and the "Domain" started to undergo some changes for the better.


At length, the KluB and the Domain fused together to become the first version of KnightSite. This was basically a set of links to some of our favorite sites accompanied by some commentaries about the lives we lived. Acriact and I still had not established a true purpose for our website.

Running around like headless chickens, we relentlessly searched the internet for content which we could put on our site. After coming home with arms full of information, we began the process of giving our website a purpose.

We had all kinds of stuff in the way of role-playing games, music, literature, Japanese animation and other such stuff. This was great, until we discovered a new problem...


It took us a while to realize that the reason KnightSite wasn't going anywhere was because even though it had oodles of content, it still did not have a clear purpose. We had such a diverse archive of images texts and other stuff that we didn't have enough content in any one area to make a real webpage about it.

It was about this time that my dilemma with Avia: A Quest had come about. After many many faltered attempts to improve KnightSite, Acriact and I agreed to give the website a new, more defined purpose. To showcase literature.

KnightSite now had a purpose, but the question still remained, how would we get people to come to our website?


In the early summer of 2000, Acriact had gotten the notion to restart the webpage venture, which had been abandoned for the better half of 1999. He came up with a couple of webpages that would serve as the publications and content platform for the new literature showcase, which was still under the name Haiabusa. these included Legends of KnightSite, which had little tidbits of literature, but nothing really special.

After months of content thirst, KnightSite had again come to a grinding halt. It was after Uriact's extended vacation in Europe and my own self defining weeks in Greeley, Colorado that we came to another conclusion. KnightSite was obsolete. In terms of the literature showcase idea, KnightSite was just not going to do. The years long venture had come up as a failure, but it taught us a lot about web design and content.

This new knowledge we invested in Haiabusa. The new literature showcase that had been birthed upon the deceased KnightSite. Carrying on it's late legacy of publishing and publicizing literature, Haiabusa now had enough momentum to get somewhere. The name not only ended a tradition of disappointment, it gave us the prospect of finding a vacant domain name.


Here we stand, ready and rising. The literature showcase is finally furnishing itself ready for the poetry short stories and even music files that it will soon be home to.

For more information, feel free to E-mail Uriact. Thanks!