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Update: Apr 27

  There's really nothing new yet.

  I've fixed the links at the bottom of this page!

 - Mail Uriact - 

Welcome to Haiabusa, the online publisher of literature and music. Our mission is to take your content submissions and put them up on the internet for all to see. So if you've created a creation you've been longing to get seen, a short story you're itching to share, or a song that you think is worthy of publication, you are in the right place.

In addition to our publication repertoire, we will continue to provide you with links to whatever you may want to see. Thanks for visiting!

This month:  Right now, Haiabusa is like a jogger who is all energized and ready to run. Right now, We're just trying to put the shoes on and lace them up. Thanks for waiting...

  • March 3, 2001:  Our momentum hasn't changed at all recently, due to an incredible amount of extra work. We've begun to review some content, and will have it online very soon.
  • February 18, 2001:  Acriact updated the Publications section a few days ago, adding some links and whatnot. The main page will remain fundamentally the same for a bit longer, until we get in gear and get content online.
  • Both Acriact and I have begun to write our books again.

OUR SITE OF THE WEEK this week is still Silver Ladybug's. Her mission is much the same in the sense that she is looking for content to display, and her website has what we consider an admirable tone and she actually has links (something we are also trying to get done)! We recommend you check it out!

OUR PERSON OF THE WEEK this week is Jackie Chan, for his superb work and citizenship in making movies that make people awe, laugh, whoa and giggle. Like the immortal Bruce Lee, Chan performs all his own stunts, and even at the age of forty-somehting, could run circles around Lennox Lewis.

Refer to the publications section  for information on how to submit content to us and how we will be organizing it. As of yet, we are basically reserving everything but the odd jobs to the publications section. The various other downloads not classified there will be put up here somewhere.

In addition to literature, we hope to post links to original music, which will in turn be accompanied by any lyrics that would otherwise be in the poetry section.

We are currently looking for somebody to affiliate with and exchange links with. If you are interested, contact either Acriact or Uriact. Thank you very much.

We currently have two downloads available below, but they shouls soon be joining many more over at the productions site. Enjoy...!

Overworld by Uriact

R1 by Acriact

Thanks for your support!

Special thanks to Acriact for designing the Haiabusa network.