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Standley Lake Instrumental Music

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This is the Standley Lake High School Instrumental Music Program's new website. I hope to have it fully up and running by September 2001 at the very latest. Since I have no advance knowledge of the schedule for the 2001-2002 school year, nor the band rosters or Booster and Band Council happenings, I can't put any content online. Hopefully, Most of the links in the navigation bar to the left will direct you to a template site that looks very similar to this.

If you are using Netscape, I can't be sure how this website will appear to you, since I designed it using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you notice any huge discrepancies, I have to apologize for them ahead of time.

Some of the things I incorporated into this website are

  • A section for seniors, since they have stuff not common to the underclassmen. I'm still not sure if this is going to carry, but if it doesn't, I will change it to a photo album section or something.

  • Your location on the Navigation Bar should appear in special text with a > pointing to it rather than a . This is to help navigate this complicated site.

  • There is a scrolling marquee at the top that will probably blink if you are using Netscape. This is so I can scroll the important stuff like concert dates and competitions on the homepage.

  • I might put up a link to my E-mail, since in the first months or even year this site is up, I'll be looking for feedback and suggestions. If you have any as yet, my E-mail is at the below:

Please send your comments or suggestions to:


Updated : July 12, 2001