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Update: Nov. 12

The first edition of the about us page is put up.

Links to and from the left frame are put up.

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Haiabusa is of course a website. This website, however is a showcase of literature and music that is completely original in every aspect. This originality is due to the fact that most of the content on this webpage is created by either our affiliates or  Haiabusa Studios. Our main goal of showcasing all this art is to publish and publicize blossoming talent of viewers as well as ourselves. Hopefully, we can jumpstart some of the aspiring authors out there into greatness.

We began as a set of personal webpages whose main goal was to be the online viewing place of our poetry, short stories, novels, and music. The problem we faced was the fact that we never got any hits on our websites. After months of pondering, we decided to make two big changes. Firstly, we changed our name from KnightSite to Haiabusa in hopes of finding a domain name that wasn't being used by the Knights of Columbus or any other.

Secondly, we changed our prime directive from publishing only our own content to publishing and showcasing content that would be submitted to us. Now our name is Haiabusa, and our goal is to publish content.

If you are an aspiring author, poet, musician and want an outlet for your talent, by all means email us your content and we will most definitely secure it a place on Haiabusa where it can bee seen.

See the Haiabusa Productions page for submission information. Thanks!