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         Welcome to KnightSite, the home of original books and music. This is where we display works and writings by new not-quite-yet famous authors. In addition to being a gallery of original writings and orchestrations, you can also find lots of downloads on KnightSite. Thanks for visiting!

  • KnightSite 3.1 - July 6, 2000

We were extremely pleased with the feedback from version 2.3 of KnightSite, which was first published on February 3, 2000. Based on this feedback, we rearranged our navigation system to make things more simple, and added more content. Like these bulleted articles aren't just gonna be about KnightSite anymore. We're gonna post the latest news in the realms of Anime, RPG, Music, Books, and other extremely interesting stuff.

  • KnightSite Legends revamp - June 12, 2000 

Acriact has once again de-commissioned the KnightSite Legends, the better half of our network, to fix it again. So we'll have to go without books for a good long while. You can see a preview of the latest version of the KS Legends at:

  • The Final Fantasy Movie

The world of Final Fantasy becomes reality 2001. No joke, the smash hit video game series has inspired a filmmaker who has taken on the task to make a full length Final Fantasy movie. Check out the Final Fantasy 2001 Website for information:


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July 5, 2000 • This is KnightSite 3.1, our latest version. We improved the navigation system and re-arranged the content a little bit. Hope you like it!

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